For very frequent swimmers in chlorinated pools, unless the swimsuits are thoroughly rinsed and washed in fresh water immediately after every use, the Lycra (elastane) component of the fabric will lose its elasticity over time. Therefore we have decided to introduce a fabric that is CHLORINE PROOF.  Yes thats right - not just chlorine resistant but chlorine proof! The fabric is slightly lighter in weight than the Vita Xtra Life™ Lycra®  we use for the Black range and not as soft (nylon stockings were made out of nylon because of their silky soft feel).  Having said that the fabric is still super stretchy and lovely to wear.

Here is what the manufacturers of Chlorine Proof Aqualife have to say about this fabric:  "Aqualife Polyester fabric is a breakthrough in chlorine proof swimwear, providing chlorine resistance without compromising on elasticity and wear-ability. It dries quickly, is pleasant to wear, and prolonged contact with chlorine does not cause it to lose its elasticity, which frequently occurs in classic Elastane fabrics."

So if you are a frequent swimmer in chlorinated pools and don't want to have to thoroughly rinse your togs every time and immediately you get out of the pool, then we recommend you choose the new Navy-inspired garments featured in our 2020 summer range. 

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