Covertogs are made from both Polyester and Nylon (or Polyamide) fabrics.  These are synthetic fabrics made from the by-products of oil refining. BUT the polyester and nylon used by Covertogs is 100% recycled. The company who make the fabric used for Covertogs - Carvico in Italy – re-use fishing nets that have been recovered by volunteer divers from the floor of the Mediterranean Sea.  *“There are 640 thousand tons of fishing nets abandoned at the bottom of the ocean.”  

Find out more about how fishing nets are turned into high-end fabrics used for Covertogs here:

 We would love to use more natural products for our swimwear but for performance and styling, nylon and polyester have lots of benefits.   And if it means there are a few less fishing nets lying at the bottom of the Mediterranean, we can live with that for now.  

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