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Our promise of distinctive quality and style you will love.

 Covertogs™ are 100% New Zealand designed, made and delivered.

The table below shows our attention to detail to ensure your Covertogs™ are a high quality garment that will give you the confidence to buy and to be active and out there.



Fabric Used by Covertogs

Italian Advanced  Recycled Vita Xtra Life™ Lycra®

Most technically advanced Italian Polyamide (78%)  + Lycra (22%) mix for performance, smoothness, soft feel, and pilling resistance

22% Lycra®

High Lycra (elastine) content means the fabric is super stretchy and therefore great for being active in.

The additional stretch also makes covertogs very forgiving, easily stretching over the bust, bottom and other bits.

The Polyamide (nylon) component of the fabric is 100% recycled

Almost 80% of the composition of  the covertogs fabric is regenerated nylon fiber from post-consumer materials. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of covertogs swimwear

High (UPF 50+)  UV Protection

Covertogs fabric provides excellent protection from the harmful effects of sun exposure

Fast Drying

Great to wear all day (no sitting round in damp and soggy smelly swimwear)

190 grams per square meter (weight of fabric)

Greater weight of fabric is more flattering, provides better concealment if needed

Chlorine resistant

Vita Lycra Xtra Life™ prevents breakage and fit loss 5 times longer than other chlorine-resistant elastines*


Sun Cream resistant

Vita Lycra Xtra Life™ shows no sagging even when sun cream has been applied to it and the garment is left in chlorinated water for 10 days*


Swimwear made with the fabric we use for covertogs lasts more than twice as long as traditional swimwear fabrics using the best competitor’s elastic fibres*

Covertogs Styles

2 piece (tankini)

More comfortable to wear than 1 piece (doesn’t pull up around the crotch area on tall women or sag for shorter women)

Easier for toileting (you don’t have to completely undress to go to the toilet!)

Can mix different size tops and bottoms (many women wear different size tops to the size of their bottom garments)

All tops have sleeves – either cap or elbow

Provides sun protection for your shoulders

Built-in bra cups

The soft cups provide firm bust support.  No need to wear a bra or bikini top underneath your covertogs top. If you think you will need extra support, Elomi swimwear tops are ideal to wear under your covertogs top:

Sideways gusset in crotch of pants

Extra comfort around crotch and reduction of  ‘camel toe’ effect

Tops feature a mix of plain black and contrast printed panels

Slimming – breaks up large surface areas (e.g. across the stomach)

Self-locking open-ended zip down front of top

Zip won’t come down

Easy to put on and take off

Quality plastic zip suitable for water sports (wont rust)  

Extra strong polyester threads used for sewing seams

Prevents threads breaking and seams coming undone

Safety stitching used

Prevents stitching unravelling

Topstitching on most seams

Ensure seams sit flat

More comfortable to wear (especially around crutch)

Covertogs Colour and Prints

Predominance of black 

Black tends to be the most flattering body size colour

Black is able to be matched with most colours

Front panel prints

Adds colour and interest

Breaks-up/relieves the black colour

You can choose the print that best suits your complexion, skin and eye colouring

Sublimation printing used

Provides long-lasting sharply defined patterns and images

* Sourced from Fabric Specifications and Technical Information provided by Carvico (Manufacturer of Advanced  Recycled Vita Xtra Life™ Lycra®)

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