The Covertogs™ story


Covertogs™ swimwear started because I couldn't find swimwear that I could get excited about. It was too skimpy or too frumpy, hard to get into and out of, and uncomfortable for day-long wear. We designed and tested the Covertogs™ solution with family, friends, and in focus groups. After some tweaking, hard work and fun, we launched the Covertogs™ brand in time for the Southern Hemisphere’s 2012/2013 summer. Check out photos of our family and friends in covertogs on the Gallery page of this website and get active and out there in your covertogs!

Cover togs™ is a family business. I work full-time for CoveredNZ Limited (the registered trading company of Covertogs™) to ensure that every pair of Covertogs™ are perfect and delivered promptly. 

We hope Covertogs™ are a swimwear solution that you can get excited about and give you the confidence to be active and out there.


Karen Newton & Bruce Adlam

Directors, CoveredNZ Limited









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